Dexstar Employee Dave Medford Retires After 50 Years of Service

Longtime Dexstar employee Dave Medford has retired from the company after 50 years. Medford joined the company on April 2, 1972, and most recently held the title of Shipping Manager. At the time he joined the company, it was part of Dexter Axle.  Kenda acquired the company in 2004 and rebranded as Dexstar.

Throughout his career, Medford held various titles including Production Supervisor, Group Leader, and Line worker, starting at the bottom of the organization, and working his way up to his current role.

“Dave has been one of the most solid examples of good work ethics and attendance that any employer could hope for, and he’s been a friendly face to all of the carriers and customers that have visited or worked with Dexstar over the years,” stated Bill Blumka, General Manager, Dexstar Wheel. “Many customers and vendors associate his welcoming attitude with Dexstar, and he has helped promote the feeling that we are here to help and we’re happy to do so.”

Medford’s dedication and willingness to work towards a better future throughout the years, have helped Dexstar create better processes and a stronger foundation on which to continue advancement of the company. “His tribal knowledge of wheel manufacturing and of the industry that he has developed over the years, has proven irreplaceable and will be missed in the years to come.”

Making steel wheels was practically the family business and while he had opportunities to move to other plants closer to his home, Medford has a special place in his heart for Dexstar and wanted to stay there and work as long as his wife would let him. Medford’s two older brothers also worked for Dexter Axle, when they all started back in 1972. His oldest brother Lawrence, also retired from the facility before Kenda purchased it.

Medford’s motto was: “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right the first time.” When asked about the key to a lengthy career, he says to “Stay moving, keep working towards your goals and never stop.”

During his retirement, Medford plans to cruise the world and spend more time with his wife Rosemary, two daughters and his six grandchildren.